Best Diet Pills and Fat Burners

A good fat burner will definitely help you in your weight loss goals.

Fat burners exert their effects via different mechanisms, principally the following:

  • Thermogenesis – the body’s core temperature is raised in order to burn more fat
  • Metabolism Boost – metabolic rate is increased allowing fat to be oxidized more readily as fuel
  • Energy Boost – with more energy, we can exercise harder and be more active which of course uses more fat for fuel

Any one of these mechanisms or a combination of them can be very effective.

Here, we are compiling a list of the best fat burners we can find on the market.

PhenQ – Multi Benefit For Women And Men

phenq diet pillPhenQ is the latest and greatest weight loss supplement we have found. It really is the next generation of fat loss products, and it contains the cutting-edge a-LACYS RESET formula amongst other top inclusions.

There’s no doubt in our mind where this one is positioned in today’s market, and you can purchase worry-free with the money-back guarantee, and the heaps of positive feedback coming from satisfied customers.

We’re using it, like countless other people, and it’s getting results that rival clinical weight loss drugs.

Check out our review or go straight to the product site with the links below.

PhenQ is as a pharmaceutical strength powerhouse in a league of its own.

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LeanBean – Female Fat Burner

LeanBean female fat burnerLeanBean is a multi purpose diet pill created exclusively for women. It heads our list as our premier recommended product as it is arguably the only female targeted diet pill that actually contains ingredients that positively affect female weight loss.

LeanBean appear to have done the research and discovered the real reason men and women differ when it comes to weight loss and weight gain, and how to tailor their product to female needs accordingly.

Hormones (estrogen) play a major role and so the manufacturers have included ingredients to regulate a hormone imbalance.

LeanBean say that they have reduced the stimulant content but included some natural sources of caffeine to provide an extended-release energy boost. No jitters, and no crash.

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Instant Knockout – The Powerhouse For Those That Dare

Instant KO diet pillsIn the current market, Instant Knockout is probably the best strong fat burner we’ve seen. For those looking for a powerful fat-burner, energy booster, appetite suppresser and general vitality supporter, there really is no need to look much further…unless the Fist bottle intimidates you, of course.

IK is suitable for both men and women who are looking to get deep in to a quality cutting cycle or simply if you want to shed some extra pounds along with the exercise and nutrition you are already looking after.

The balance of ingredients and their inclusion rates is fantastic – there’s nothing hidden, you can see it all for yourself in the recipe.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A supplement alone cannot take you all the way there; you need to workout and eat well too. But if there is one that might get you closer than the rest, it’s this one.

Follow the links below to read the full review, or if you’ve heard what you need to, you can go straight to the product site.

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Phen375 – Fat Burner And Appetite Suppressant

Phen375Phen375 will always be a top choice of ours. It’s a real multi-tasker; hitting fat stores hard from several different angles. Thermogenic, enzymatic, stimulating, cognitive…it works on so many levels.

Created by RDK Global as a legal and safe alternative to many of the prescription-only weight loss pills (e.g. Phentermine), this all round diet pill has been around longer than most others, and we expect it to be around for a long time to come.

The recipe for Phen375 is also solidly backed up by clinical studies and the community who use it. If you’re looking for a pharmaceutical grade weight loss supplement that calls on several of the body’s mechanisms to shed fat, you don’t have to look much further than this powerhouse.

The product site is set up to deliver virtually anywhere in the world and will show you the prices in any currency you want to use. Special offers often run on multiple purchases so make sure to look at the best option. Sometimes, planning for three months ahead is worth it.

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Garcinia Cambogia Extra – With Raspberry Ketone

Garcinia ExtraIt’s no secret that Garcinia Cambogia is one of the best naturally sourced fat burners. The small pumpkin-like fruit employs hydroxycitric acid (HCA) to ‘melt away the fat.’

Primarily, HCA works with the liver to inhibit the production of fat and prevents excess amounts of sugar and carbohydrates from being stored as fat.

Secondary modes of action include suppressing appetite, improving mood, lowering cholesterol and increasing insulin sensitivity.

Raspberry Ketone is included in this blend to add more power to the Garcinia Cambogia. Another natural fat burner, Raspberry Ketone is also extracted from fruits, principally raspberries as the name suggests.

Raspberry Ketone also contains potassium and iron which have been proven to augment the fat-burning activities of Garcinia Cambogia.

Follow one of the links below to read our full review or go straight to the product website.

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Activ8 X Diet Drops – Stim-Free Fat Burning 

Active8 X diet drops with activ X diet planThis is probably the best of the diet drops. Using the pipette provided, the user will drop the Activ8 X liquid under the tongue. The absorbency is much quicker than capsules and the ingredients can get tot work right away.

Activ8 X Diet Drops will help you lose fat using several different methods. Fat burning, appetite suppression, carbohydrate blocking, metabolism boosting and energy boosting are all present in its armoury.

There are a lot of ingredients used in Activ8 X Diet Drops but the energy boost and fat burning actions will feel cleaner than a lot of products available today which seem to be packed with stimulants.

The consumer response to this product has been extremely positive and you only have to visit their website to know they have a lot to offer. Diet plans and information are all there to help you with your diet goals.

The company offers a money back guarantee and a diet plan of considerable volume. It’s not the cheapest weight loss product available but if you want something that works instead of wasting your money over and over on cheaper imitations, Activ8 X Diet Drops are for you.

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    • Hi Dawn. There’s no real order or rating system because we think they are all good products and we’re not trying to steer people in the direction of one in particular. They may have individual characteristics which are more suitable for different individuals. For example, if you are looking for powerful appetite suppression because you are a snacker, then Instant Knockout, Garcinia Extra or Phen375 might be best.

      If you want a more anti-oxidant approach, then Superfruit Slim is an option. Sometimes it’s a case of trying one out and seeing how you go over three months.

      Let us know how you get on ok.

  1. Hi.
    The problem with buying diet pills is there seems to be a wealth of fake “reviews” on the internet for a lot of products, and it is hard to know when genuine ones turn up, or if you receive a commission for a good review. Can you tell us if you do receive a commission and if so, how we are supposed to trust the review? Thanks, Hamish.

    • Hi Hamish, all good points and questions. First off, we can make small commissions, in fact there’s a piece on the sidebar of the site that tells anyone visiting. We are however very selective about recommending products. If we were in it for the money we’d recommend countless products just to receive commission; there are enough of them out there. We test everything we review and we don’t endorse things we wouldn’t use ourselves. Any money helps keep the website up and running and pays for the odd present for our spouses when they get fed up with us working day jobs and writing website content afterwards 😉

      As for the fake reviewers and scammers, they are easy to spot when you really read the content. If someone says they got a six pack after two weeks of using a product, then assume they are talking about a six pack of beers from the corner store!…The sad thing is that the product might be quality, but the reviewer isn’t!

      Hope this helps. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

    • Hi there, thanks for reading and commenting. Totally understand, some people find it tougher than others, but stick with it. Slow, steady and consistent is the key.

      Please let us know how you get on. And if that product doesn’t work then we are here to advise. Take care.

  2. Is it ok to take PhenQ & Activ8X at the same time to maximise the results? I’ve lost 16lbs with diet & exercise & am now looking for a boot to lose another 14lbs before my wedding in June.

    • Hi Fleur, It is recommended to only take one pill at the time. Our most recommended product is PhenQ.

  3. Hi,im a busy person and i dont have time to go to the gym or work out at home. What can you recommend?

    • Please read our review about our #1 recommended product, PhenQ. You will find that it suits your lifestyle.

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