Phentaslim Fat Burner – Boost Metabolism and Suppress Appetite

  • Phentaslim pills Brand: Optimum Nutra
  • What Is It: Thermogenic Fat Burner
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Burn excess fat, raise metabolism, provide energy boost and curb snacking appetite
  • Positives: Only £25 (~$40) per month when you take advantage of the multi-purchase offer
  • Negatives: Couple days of feeling the stimulants
  • Countries Available: Most countries including the UK and Ireland, United States, Canada and Australia
  • Stockists: Official website only. There is no current coupon code while the special offer is in effect.

recommended diet pillWhat a great mix of ingredients. Not too heavy or light on anything. This works!!

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Phentaslim Review

Phentaslim fat burnerPhentaslim is a rare beast – a diet supplement company that doesn’t make wild promises and admits their product should be used to assist your weight loss goals and not solely constitute your dreams of bikini-bodied perfection.

Nothing in life comes from taking a magic pill. While Phentaslim may in theory be hurting themselves initially by not promising the world to their consumers, in the end they are boosting our confidence in the product.

With the special offers that run on site, you can get hold of Phentaslim for as little as £25 ($40) per month which is mightily impressive considering some hyped-up nonsense supplements can go for much much more.

What Are the Benefits of Phentaslim

The company explain the positive effects of Phentaslim as follows:

  • Metabolism Boost: burning fat while simply living and breathing becomes easier for the body when we increase metabolism
  • Energy Increase: dieting and calorie deficits can leave us a little fatigued. Phentaslim’s ingredients help keep your revs up
  • More Fat Burning: raising the core temperature via thermogenesis will compound result of metabolism boost and get rid of even more fat.
  • Appetite Suppressing: the cravings for snacks can stop a weight loss venture in its tracks. Phentaslim can help reduce the junk intake.
  • Mental Focus and Clearer Thinking: most importantly – without the crash that comes after the morning coffee

There’s another benefit to Phentaslim that we have picked up on. It’s the company themselves. They aren’t stupid and they aren’t promising miracles. After all the key to securing returning customers is to deliver on expectations, NOT fail to live up to unattainable hype.

Losing weight is simple in theory, and sometimes an enormous task in practice. It’s an ‘Energy-In, Energy-Out’ balance. Simply put, if you consume more calories than you burn, you will put on weight.

Sometimes, people want this increase in weight, such as guys bulking up in the gym. They need a positive calorie balance.

For people aiming to lose weight, however, they need the opposite. Phentaslim can be added to your equation and may tip the balance in your favour.

What does Phentaslim do

Key Ingredients

Phentaslim pack a good amount of ingredients into their pills. Let’s take a look at them individually:

  • Guarana Seed [100mg] – fights fatigue and encourages the body to burn fat
  • Caffeine Anhydrous [150mg] – provides a sustainable energy boost (less prone to crashes like strong coffee), improves mental focus, burns fat and enhances physical performance
  • Green Tea [125mg] – Catechins in green tea extract are fat burners, carb blockers and anti-oxidant in behaviour. Green Tea is an all-round trooper
  • Cayenne [50mg] – raises the body’s core temperature to encourage fat burning
  • Raspberry Ketones [200mg] – natural fat burner extracted from raspberries and other fruits. This is actually a good dose of it as well. A lot of products scrimp here
  • L-Tyrosine [200mg] – Burns fat, helps reduce stress if taken before exercise (thereby allowing you to accomplish more exercise), boosts brain activity
  • L-Carnitine [250mg] – helps body access more fat for fuel during aerobic exercise, fights fatigue and increases aerobic performance
  • Panax Ginseng Root [75mg] – helps mood, cognition and general feeling of well-being
  • Vitamin B Complex (+Zinc and Niacin) – extremely important for the support of many systems in the body inclusive of weight management
In our opinion, the doses are good and the choice of ingredients is well informed. There’s no confusing inclusions or pointless fillers that waste your money and do very little to help you. It’s a good recipe.

Customer Feedback

The consumer response to Phentaslim has been good overall. The website is full of positive feedback but we like to find some comments from independent sources:

I gave birth to twins last year and thought I’d lose some weight running around looking after them but I just snacked a lot more and didn’t eat well otherwise. I gained quite a lot of weight quickly. I bought Phentaslim and tried it and I found I had a bit more energy and a bit less appetite for junk. Little differences started to tip the balance and now I’m starting to fit into pre-twin dresses again. Yay!” Marie – Coventry, UK

“Whatever Phentaslim did, it worked. I got out of a downward spiral and even found the energy to start going to the gym. It’s amazing what a good mindset will do. Sometimes you need the kickstart though, and that’s what Phentaslim was for me.” Jayne – London, UK

“Phentaslim rocks. I feel amazing with my results, and it’s well affordable.” Christina – Newport, Wales

Others are more neutral:

“I’m not sure about diet pills. I think they might help because you make the effort to lose weight once you’ve got them anyway. Phentaslim might have worked. I lost 10 pounds in a month, after going to the gym and eating well.” Kate – Wolverhampton, UK

Side Effects

There might be a small adjustment period while your body gets used to the ingredients but it will be nothing too dramatic.

There are a few stimulants and thermogenic ingredients which could give you a bit of nervous energy for a few days.

Other than that, the ingredients chosen are all natural and safe.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you should consult your doctor before taking any products including Phentaslim.

Where to Purchase Phentaslim

The best place to get hold of Phentaslim is the official website (link below) because the special offers can’t be matched elsewhere.

They also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you purchase from the site.

Is It Recommended?

Phentaslim weight loss pillPhentaslim has an excellent ingredient recipe and the company’s philosophy is a winner.

We really appreciate it when these manufacturers acknowledge that losing weight is not just a simple case of taking a pill. There’s always more to it than that.

Phentaslim is a great place to start.

Click here to go to the Phentaslim site


    • Hi SP, we have some for ThermaKOR at the moment. It’s a hot fat burner right now. Check out the review by clicking here.

      Make sure you go through the link on that review and use that code so they tie the coupon to the site.

      Hope this helps.

      • To add to that – Phentaslim doesn’t have coupon codes at the moment as the special offer is still in place.


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