Tribitor – Carb Blocker – Weight Loss Drink Sachets Reviewed

  • Tribitor Drink Sachets Brand: Tribitor
  • What Is It: Weight loss drink sachets
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Carbohydrate blocker
  • Positives: Works a little as long as you take it before eating carbs
  • Negatives: Doesn’t fix the problem long term, just masks it a little short term
  • Countries Available: UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, EU etc. 

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Tribitor Diet Drink PackagingTribitor is a carb blocker that comes as a box of sachets of powder. Once mixed with water, they are to be drunk 15 minutes before eating in order to have their effect.

Recently, Tribitor has been featured in social media and some online newspaper stories like this one in the Daily Mail.

The product is being marketed as having scientific proof backing its claims of being able to reduce carb absorption enough to help you lose weight.

Its ingredients are also supposed to simultaneously reduce the post-meal crash or slump that can make you tired and low on energy after eating sugary, starchy, carb-rich food.

On paper it looks good, and there is certainly some weight to the claims of scientific support, however we have had better luck with weight loss supplements that suppress our appetite so we eat less in the first place, and directly burn calories on top.

White rice, white bread, muffins, cakes, pastries etc. are all the fast carbohydrate rich food that carb blockers like Tribitor may help you to store less of as fat. It’s not really a long term weight loss solution though in our opinion. It’s much more efficient and healthier (let alone more economical) to cut back on those sugary, starchy carbs.

Tribitor in Detail

Tribitor comes in boxes of 30 sachets, each containing a drink mix with the active ingredients and some other non-active ingredients included for flavour and consistency.

Three ingredients make the Tribitor “3-phase carbohydrate blocker”. They are:

  • White Bean
  • White Mulberry
  • Green Coffee

These are essentially all carb blockers, i.e. they inhibit the absorption of a portion of the sugars and starches in carbohydrates. Foods like white rice, white bread, pasta, muffins, cakes etc. are the typical foods that contain high levels of fast carbohydrates.

By “fast” we mean those carbohydrates that have a high glycemic index (GI); which is basically a graded measure of how quickly the food is digested, broken down, metabolized and converted into simple sugars that get into the blood stream.

Tribitor and other carb blockers should be taken about fifteen minutes before eating a carbohydrate rich meal. This makes sure the active ingredients can get into your system in time to respond to the carbs when they are consumed.

Fast Carbs

CarbsFast carbs get into the bloodstream and increase blood sugar levels quickly, and that elicits a response from insulin.

Insulin is an incredibly important hormone, and one which can become damaged over time. Insulin is released to bind to these simple sugars and ferries them away to be stored, or to be used as fuel for exercise or some metabolic process.

Sometimes the storage involves conversion and storage to fat. When fast carbs are eaten habitually or regularly then the insulin can become de-sensitized. This is where insulin spikes in response to the blood sugar spike, but instead of it shuttling it to various parts of the body, it simply sweeps it all up and stores it in fat cells.

When this starts happening, three problems immediately present themselves: 1. you start putting on weight, and; 2. your blood sugar levels go from too high to very low extremely quickly because the insulin isn’t sensitive enough to be selective. It simply responds, gathers and dumps the sugar.

This de-sensitization is the onset of a whole chain of health issues that can lead to prediabetes and ultimately diabetes down the road.

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Tribitor Advertised Benefits

We’ve pretty much covered this in the section above. Tribitor is a carbohydrate blocker but the benefits of that are twofold:

Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance or at least Reduced Rate of Weight Gain
Reduced Blood Sugar spikes due to reduced carb traffic into bloodstream

The second benefit there – reduced blood sugar spikes – means that the ‘crash’ often associated with sugary foods is reduced, which in turn means you might have more energy. It’s counterintuitive to think that absorbing less sugar will increase your energy levels but it’s true.

Side Effects

DoctorThe only thing of note here is a question over whether the White Kidney Bean extract is in fact the branded form called Phase 2. It does not appear to be because it would surely be on the label. Phase 2 is the safest form of this extract because it has been processed to remove a certain molecule which is unhealthy in high doses.

Nevertheless, Tribitor isn’t inherently unsafe, but we wouldn’t use it long term in case our concern above is correct.

It should go without saying that pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid Tribitor, and anyone with medical issues or taking prescribed medication should consult their doctor.

Don’t use Tribitor if you are not about to eat. Follow the guidelines on the packaging.

Is Tribitor Recommended?

Carb Control Cakes DonutsTribitor will work for some people and not others. The product’s whole purpose is to reduce the impact sugary and starchy foods have on your weight, but it doesn’t feel like a real solution. In a way it reinforces the idea that you can eat junk and get away with it.

It’s not really dieting at all, it’s more a way of continuing bad eating habits but not letting all the calories get through. Carb blockers don’t remove the trans fats or reduce the salt, they just make some of the sugar pass through.

What we prefer to see is people adopting a healthier nutritional lifestyle; one that involves eating healthy foods, not mitigating the unhealthy foods.

Also, you’re going to have to use Tribitor for a long time to notice real results and it’s just not sensible to use it for months on end.

Our favourite weight loss products have thermogenic fat burning ingredients, appetite suppressors and blood sugar regulators in them. This way, fat is attacked from multiple angles.

Also a good diet pill will work all day to increase your fat loss, whereas Tribitor is only effective at one point in the day, and you have to eat carb-rich food to make it work.

So, ultimately, you have to consume calories to allow Tribitor to work.

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