Prescopodene With Advantra – review with customer comments

Prescopodene review

  • Brand: Prescopodene
  • What Is It: Thermogenic fat burner
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Helps to burn fat by raising the core temperature of the body
  • Positives: Nice website
  • Negatives: Bad product and customer service
  • Countries Available: Most countries including the UK and Ireland, United States, Canada and Australia
  • Stockists: Official websites only ( and .com)

no3Many complaints about the product and the company behind it – best avoided !

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Prescopodene Review

Prescopodene Uk websitePrescopodene diet pills are manufactured by JC Arnica Nutraceauticals. The company is based in Panama and produces several other weight loss supplements, all of which are marketed by one or more dedicated websites. There are at least two Prescopodene websites (.com &

The UK site contains by far the most information and the arguments for the product appear to be pretty convincing, but close scrutiny reveals many of the manufacturer’s claims cannot be supported. A 30 day money back guarantee is offered, and that would normally provide some peace of mind, but numerous complaints about the company suggests their ethics may be questionable, so there is some doubt whether the guarantee will be honoured.

The ScamBook website lists over 30 complaints about JC Arnica Nutraceauticals, many of which concern extra money being debited from customer’s accounts without their consent. ScamBook investigators reached out to the company on Apr 02, 2013, but over a year has passed and ScamBook are still waiting for a response. [source]

Promised Benefits & Selling Points

The main marketing focus (on the UK site anyway) centers on a 6 month clinical trial that supposedly produced some promising results:

  • Average weight loss of 2 ¼ stone
  • Average body fat percentage drop of 4.77%
  • 451 less calories consumed daily
  • 587 extra calories burnt daily

The site provides a link for further information about the study, but the link leads to a .jpeg image, hosted on the Prescopodene website, that shows what may be a clipping taken from a journal.

The company also state weight loss can be achieved without the need to sacrifice favorite foods or to partake in ‘severe exercise’. That would mean the consumer could have their cake and eat it and not live in dread of their next encounter with the bathroom scales*.

What is Prescopodene and how does it Work?

Prescopodene is designed to provide weight loss by encouraging thermogenic fat burning. This is a process that releases calories stored as body fat, and makes them available for use as energy, by encouraging a slight rise in the body’s core temperature.

Key Ingredients

Green tea extract DMAE
Tyrosine Pyridoxine HCP
Yerba mate Ascorbic acid
Magnesium Pantothenic acid
Ginger Root Extracts of cocoa & grape seed
Advantra Z Table Cell
  • Green tea is known to be an effective fat burning ingredient, but no inclusion rates are provided so it’s impossible to say if the blend contains an adequate amount. None of the other ingredients are likely to contribute much to the promised fat burning effect apart from
  • Advantra Z. If enough is included it may do the trick, but it has a less than glorious reputation.
  • DMAE is an (unproven) appetite suppressant. It also has the potential to cause nasty side effects, as does Yerba Mate (a source of caffeine). As a fat burning blend this doesn’t look good, but Prescopodene may prove useful to anyone hoping to get a few sick days away from work.

Prescopodene Media Leverage

The Prescopodene (UK) website displays several TV station logos and states “As Seen on” beside them. That’s easy to say, but much harder to prove.

The site also shows pictures of several leading UK women’s magazines that bear weight loss themes on the cover e.g. ‘Summer Shape Up!’ The company doesn’t state Prescopodene is mentioned in the magazines, but the presence of such pictures is very misleading.

Prescopodene Customer Feedback

The sites contains several positive endorsements that can probably be taken with a grain of salt.

Typical comments include:

“I even lost 5 lbs over Easter! Man, how good is that!”
“Lost 3 st 13 lbs.— Even my doctor was amazed! I’ve already told 4 of my friends about Prescopodene and they have ordered also.”

Impartial comments read not so well:

Absolutely useless, hype in a bottle

Prescopodene Side Effects

A statement on the site reads “Prescopodene is not a dangerous drug.” And the picture of the white-coated lady, wearing stethoscope across her shoulders, directly above the statement may be intended to add extra confidence. That doesn’t work if you are familiar with blend’s chosen ingredients and their ability to cause side effects. Potential users are strongly advised to seek medical advice prior to commencing Prescopodene supplementation.

Is Prescopodene Recommended

Despite the flashy site and bold promises there is no real evidence that Prescopodene will do anything the manufacturers claim. The blend contains very few fat burning ingredients and those present may not be included in sufficient amount.

No independent reviews are unavailable and although the onsite reviews paint the product in a promising light, testimonials from such a biased source are not to be relied upon.

Prescopodene is also quite an expensive product, but the biggest worry is that use of the product may endanger the user’s health. Many safer alternatives are available.

Where To Buy Prescopodene

Prescopodene is only available from the official product websites, and UK buyers can expect to pay £29.95 for a bottle of pills. Bulk buy discounts are available, but it’s still an expensive product.

A ‘Smart Ship’ option is offered to customers paying by credit card. This is often the case with JC Arnica Nutraceauticals’ products, but the many customer complaints about receiving unwanted products (and charges to their cards) makes this a very chancy option

Best Diet Pill To Buy

There are several other better options than Prescopodene. If you would like to read a summary of those then follow the link below. We make it our business to find the best fat burners available.

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