5 Fat Loss Ingredients That Work

pill capsulesWe see new diet pills come onto the market all the time. Some stick around, a lot don’t.

Whether they get traction is subject to a highly variable mix of too many factors to even bother trying to work out.

Social media and other media, celebrities, marketing and advertising, word of mouth, culture, peer pressure and disinformation all play weirdly powerful roles in whether this product or that diet is in vogue.

Scientific studyThe main and most reliable reason that a product like a fat burner or diet pill should actually be successful is often lost in the maelstrom of BS that rides the tidal wave along with it…and that is scientific evidence.

Here, we’re going to look at a few ingredients that scientific research has told us work. There have been many diet pills come and go without success that contain these ingredients, and in useful dosages as well.

It’s a shame because some of them could account for hundreds of calories a day that you could either burn, or simply not eat due to their thermogenic or appetite suppression effects respectively.

Capsicum (Capsaicin)

caspicumHot peppers are something you can buy at the local supermarket. Hell, you can put a bunch in a spicy recipe and they cost you less than a bad cup of tea!

And, they will help you raise metabolism a bit, maybe burn a few more calories.

However, to get the amount you need to make a real difference, you’d have to consume so many hot peppers a day that your mouth would explode or you’d have not taste buds left.

And let’s not discuss the trips to the toilet.

Some clever souls put this highly concentrated extract into little time-release capsules, that get through the stomach and into the lower intestine, where they dissolve to release their potent goodies.

Capsicum – in the form of Capsimax – can burn 250 calories a day, in the right dosage. There’s even research to show that it can light up Brown Adipose Tissue (aka BAT or Brown Fat) which happens to be super whit fat burning fat. Sounds odd, but just go with it, it works!

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Caralluma Fimbriata

Caralluma FimbriataIt’s a plant from India, Sri Lanka, and North Africa that looks sort of like a cross between asparagus and a cactus with flowers in the magenta/maroon colour palette.

There isn’t loads of research on this one but what there is shows a highly promising appetite suppression effect.

It might require a month of supplementation to start taking real effect, but it’s safe and effective and can be taken long term.

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chromiumThis mineral is gaining a lot more popularity recently. The companies that add it to their diet pills tend to highlight its blood sugar regulating abilities, but there’s another proven benefit which might be as, if not more, important.

Appetite suppressors can work in different ways. Chromium appears to reduce cravings for sugary carbohydrates, in particular for people who are susceptible to them.

Chromium is most effective as the Chromium Picolinate compound form.

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PhenQ pillsL-Carnitine does so many things for your health it would win an award if it was a person: improved cognitive function, blood glucose maintenance, increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity, improved cardiovascular function, increase energy, reduced lactate production, reduced muscle damage and soreness, improved insulin sensitivity, increased lean muscle mass, decreased inflammation and blood pressure…

…and yes, reduced fat mass!!!

It seems to work best in older people, but the sheer amount of positives it can deliver make it a no-brainer in our opinion.

If nothing else, a healthier body, state of mind and increased energy should kick start any weight loss plans you have been putting off.

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caffeineYeah yeah!…it’s been around forever and every fat burner on the planet – barring the stim-free ones – contains it. But, it works!

You just have to use it correctly.

Caffeine works best when you take it only as a supplement. That’s going to sound highly boring to coffee lovers, but if you want to burn some extra calories you need to keep a low tolerance to the stuff.

Habitual coffee-drinking only makes you resistant to its thermogenic effects.

Some people are sensitive to caffeine and don’t like taking it. If this sounds like you then try taking it with L-Theanine, and amino acid which not only boosts the mental benefits of caffeine but reduces the stimulant spike.

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