Capsiplex Sport: Tested and Reviewed

  • Capsiplex SportBrand: Capsiplex Sport
  • What Is It: Fat-Burner and pre-workout supplement
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Burn fat, increase energy and improve focus 
  • Positives: Real studies support its fat-burning power 
  • Negatives: “Sport” might deter some people but it shouldn’t – anyone can use it
  • Countries Available: Worldwide including the UK and Ireland, United States, European countries, Canada and Australia
  • Stockists: Official website only

recommended diet pillBurns as many calories as 45 minutes working out – from one pill – nice!

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Capsiplex Sport Review

Capsiplex Fans of the original Capsiplex diet pill have been waiting a long time for the sport version to be released, and it’s finally here. Not-surprisingly the manufacturers have opted to name it Capsiplex Sport.

Adding the sport supplement element to the already successful brand is a good move. Capsiplex has enjoyed some real fame considering the list of stars who have been associated with it, and the same success is already starting to show for Capsiplex Sport.

What’s different about this one? – Well, they’ve adapted the recipe to be more effective for gym enthusiasts and people who enjoy and active lifestyle (or those thinking about beginning one). The packaging is also different with a streamlined tube design; more conducive to the slipping into the gym bag perhaps or carrying in your purse to work.

We’ve been testing Capsiplex Sport out ever since its release a few weeks ago, and this is our full product review.

What is Capsiplex Sport and How Does it Work?

Capsiplex Sport is a pre-workout fat-burner. That basically means that when you take it before going to the gym or starting whatever workout you are doing, the product will:

  • Help you burn fat more readily to fuel the activity
  • Provide you with extra energy for a more improved workout and day
  • Shuttle more oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles
  • Increase recovery speed post-workout
  • Enhance focus and drive both during exercise and throughout the day

So the benefits in simple terms are as follows:

  • Increased Fat-Burning
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Recovery
  • Enhanced Cognition

The way it does this is through the formula of ingredients, each of which have been selected to work with one another and independently.


The blend is made up of 5 ingredients:

  • Capsicum: the main ingredient in all Capsiplex products, this refined extract of the capsaicin seed can increased thermogenesis and quicken the metabolic rate for higher fat turnover. Studies have shown that this ingredient alone is capable of burning hundreds of calories a day.

Using the patented time-release technology, the beadlets don’t get destroyed in the stomach acids and make it to the intestine. Supplement ingredients need to get to the intestine to have their maximum effect.

  • L-Arginine: we mentioned shuttling more oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles, and also a quicker recovery time after exercise – L-Arginine is the inclusion largely responsible for this. The amino acid is the main pre-cursor to Nitric-Oxide (NO) in your body. NO has a vasodilatory effect (widens blood vessels) which enhances the flow of oxygen and nutrients to all parts that need them, including the muscles. This allows for more stamina, strength and faster recovery.

It also goes hand in hand with the Capsicum which is synergistic with Arginine and provides its own vasodilation effect to further improve the results.

  • Caffeine: another potent thermogenic fat-burner that everyone takes for granted because it is so accessible. Again, works in harmony with the Capsicum and Arginine. It will also provide extra energy for your exercise and daily tasks, not to mention the clear mental focus a clean caffeine extract can induce.
  • Piperine: this pure form of another type of pepper is synergistic with every ingredient going. That’s because piperine facilitates the absorption of other nutrients and ingredients that are both in Capsiplex Sport and your diet. By doing so, it improves the results with compound interest.
  • Vitamin B: regularly added to supplement blends now as a deficiency in the B Vitamins is quite common, and this brings all users up to a good dosage. The Vitamin B group play countless roles in your body, including a lot to do with weight management and metabolism.

Science Supports Capsiplex

It’s rare to see, but the company undertook a clinical trial which showed that the test group (those that took Capsiplex) burned nearly 300 more calories than the placebo group – from one dose!

The trial looked at the effect when taken in conjunction with exercise, so we are aware that the Sport edition may have even more of an impact.

Customer Comments

Capsiplex Sport is relatively new but we managed to get a few comments from people.

I used the original Capsiplex for about a year with truly excellent results so I was excited when they announced the sport one was coming out. I go to the gym regularly and have a busy job so I’m tired a lot. These pills really help me out, is all I can say. Both for fat-loss and general energy.” – Paige, Birmingham
This brand is really good. You can feel them working I think. I like the additional boost for the gym but honestly they would be good even if I wasn’t really doing that. The tube packet is genius too, I don’t know why they don’t do that for all these things.” – Sara, Stratford
I didn’t think these kinds of things were for men until my missus bought some for each of us (after the Christmas weight had stayed even after 2 months). It’s really good stuff. No dodgy side effects and I feel full of beans.” – Mark, Falmouth

Our Comments

recommended diet pillWe’ve sampled this product for a while, and we like it. It’s good for both men and women, and really, if the original Capsiplex is anything to go by, the quality and efficacy of Capsiplex Sport is going to be excellent.

Taking one beadlet of Capsiplex Sport can burn as much fat as 45 minutes of cycling does – and we have seen the results after a couple of months of using this every day. Terrific.

Usage Instructions

Follow the instructions on the packaging, but it’s really quite simple; you take one (1) pill 30 minutes before starting your workout.

For people with a medical condition, pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before you take any supplements.

Side Effects

No negative effects for us, though people who are particularly sensitive to caffeine may have a little adjustment period. In truth though, it will work even better for those people!

Availability and Purchasing

Capsiplex Sport is available only from the official website (link below). It can be delivered worldwide, including the UK & Ireland, USA, Europe, Australia and Canada. Check the website for the special offer running at the moment. You can select the currency you wish to pay with and can even use PayPal for a more secure transaction.

Is Capsiplex Sport Recommended?

Capsiplex Sport 1That’s the important question really. In our opinion, it’s an easy recommendation to make. Capsiplex Sport is very effective and easy to use.

There’s no doubt we will continue using this product for a while.

Make sure you avail of the special offers, where you might have to purchase more than one tube but you will save a lot more money in the long run.

YES – It’s Recommended!!

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