Garcinia Extra – What are the benefits, positives, negatives and customer comments

  • Garcinia Extra reviewBrand: Garcinia Extra
  • What Is It: Natural strong fat burner
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Break down fat, suppress appetite and increase metabolism
  • Positives: Prime example of a garcinia diet pills, rave reviews
  • Negatives: Has been copied mercilessly – only but from official website
  • Countries Available: Worldwide shipping to destinations including United States, UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia.
  • Stockists: Only from official website which guarantees the genuine product. There is no current coupon code while the special offer exists.

recommended diet pill“Best example of a Garcinia diet pill we have reviewed”

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Garcinia Extra Review

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the top weight loss ingredients available today. Its fat burning potential has been tested again and again and the results of the majority of tests indicate it is a fat-fighting force to be reckoned with. Raspberry Ketone enjoys a similar reputation for producing weight loss results.

Advanced Health’s Garcinia Cambogia Extra takes both ingredients, stands them back to back, and promises dramatic weight loss results. With nothing in the mix but two super fruit ingredients Garcinia Cambogia Extra is probably one of the most easily tolerated weight loss solution available today, but customers will not tolerate any product that does not deliver results, so let’s take an extra close look at this garcinia cambogia product and see how good those results are likely to be.

Proposed Benefits & Selling Points

The manufacturers state Garcinia Cambogia Extra can ‘melt away fat’ to provide a ‘tight body’. Such claims are easy to make and much harder to achieve, but in this case the claims are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, so Advanced Health appears confident their capsules can deliver the goods and in this case the promised goods are :

  • Tighter abs
  • Firmer bum
  • Thinner legs

Nobody can say Advanced Health don’t know what a girl wants because all that sound pretty good. But let’s take a look at what some or their past customers say. 

Garcinia Cambogia: What it is and what it does

garcinia-cambogia-2Garcinia Cambogia is a small pumpkin-like fruit from Southern Asia. It has a long history of culinary use and became a popular weight loss aid when the American TV show host Dr Oz endorsed its fat-busting potential during one of his shows.

The results of several scientific tests suggests the magic component is a substance called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that appears to work on the liver to inhibit fat production and prevent it from converting sugar and more complex carbohydrates into fresh fat cells.

HCA also offers several other benefits:

  • It suppresses the appetite and helps people feel fuller for longer after they have eaten.
  • It controls the level of cortisol stress hormones and increases serotonin levels. This improves the mood and reduces the need for comfort eating.
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • Improves insulin resistance.

Tests show the ideal daily dosage of garcinia cambogia is 200mg a day. This is the amount Garcinia Cambogia Extra provides, so Advanced Health goes to the top of the class for getting the inclusion rate right.

Raspberry Ketone: What it is and what it does

raspberry-ketone-smellRaspberry Ketone is a phenolic compound that is usually extracted from raspberries. It has several uses and is often an ingredient in perfume and cosmetic products.  Interest in its fat burning abilities began in the mid 90s when the Life Sciences journal published a study that showed raspberry ketone supplementation appeared to have prevented mice from becoming obese, even though they had been fed a high fat diet. The ingredient’s present popularity can be attributed to Dr Oz, who spread the word via one of his shows and dubbed raspberry ketone a ‘miracle in a bottle’.

Blend Potential

As far as weight loss potential goes it’s impossible to fault the Garcinia Cambogia Extra blend. Both of the ingredients are known to provide excellent results. It is also worth noting that some tests show the performance of garcinia cambogia can be boosted if it is combined with minerals. Raspberry ketone contains the minerals potassium and iron, so the two ingredients should complement each other well.

What the Customer Say

Independent feedback is not available, but the official website showcases a few testimonials from satisfied customers and one woman reports a loss of 11kg and states:

“My pants were fitting looser and looser, and I lost that muffin bulge at my waist that I have had for so long. I feel so much more at ease in my skin now.”

In The Media

Side Effects and Health Issues

Side effects are highly unlikely. This is true of all fruit-based products, but diabetics should consult their doctor before taking any product that contains garcinia cambogia due to its ability to effect insulin levels. Pregnant and nursing mothers are also advised to seek medical advices before taking any form of health supplement. The same advice is offered to anyone who has any health issues or concerns.


Weight loss is big business and the demand for effective weight loss products has resulted in the market becoming flooded with supplements. Many of them fall well short of the mark, but Garcinia Cambogia Extra is easily one of the better products available so it gets a big red tick and earns a place on our list of recommended products.

The price per bottle is a little higher than many competing brands, but Garcinia Cambogia Extra customers can have higher expectations of getting the results they require and be confident that they have a money back guarantee to fall back on if required. It’s a win-win situation so consumers have nothing to lose but a few dress sizes.

Where To Buy Garcinia Extra – Purchasing Options

Garcinia extra websiteGarcinia Cambogia Extra is available to customers all over the world, but purchases can only be made via the product website.

Customers in the UK can expect to pay around £40 for a bottle of capsules.

This is par for course for a quality supplement, but discount deals are sometimes available and customers can secure better value for money by taking advantage of the offered bulk buy incentives that reduce the price per bottle while also securing extra (free)bottles of capsules.

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