Green Coffee and Chlorogenic Acid: Ingredient Profile

Green and regular coffeeGreen Coffee is becoming a widely recognized term in the dieting world these days, and for good reason.

Many of the biggest supplement manufacturers are starting to include the extract of this raw and unroasted form of coffee in their popular diet pills, fat burners, carb blockers and appetite suppressants.

This is because of a compound called Chlorogenic Acid.

As it usually goes, green coffee was subject to overly exaggerated hype when it did the rounds on television, in the hands of notorious TV celebrity ‘doctors’. The mania settled down and then interest slowly started to build again once more and more scientific studies of the ingredient started to enter the public domain.

Again, like all of these things, green coffee – i.e. chlorogenic acid – is not a wonder drug which will make you shed fifteen pounds in the first week of use. It might however be a valuable tool to anyone wishing to maintain a healthier body composition, and yes, for people looking to lose weight.

What’s the Best Green Coffee Supplement?

Wondering what the best product is? – Go down the page to Our Recommendations to find out what we think are the best products and why.

What Is a Green Coffee bean?

Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans which have not been roasted. They are in this sense raw. Coffee contains a compound called chlorogenic acid which has a number of properties that exert some physiological (and psychostimulatory) effects in the human body.

These effects include blood sugar maintenance, carbohydrate absorption, appetite control and some level of euphoria which is a bit like that of caffeine but less pronounced.

Why Green Coffee and not just Coffee?

The chlorogenic acid (CA) we keep going on about is why manufactures use the raw, green coffee bean instead of roasted beans. The roasting process – while it doesn’t completely wipe it out – destroys much of the CA. Unfortunately, drinking a cup of green coffee would taste pretty disgusting, so it has to be extracted and put inside capsules in order to be taken in pill form.

Levels of CA in strong drinkable coffee such as espresso are unreliable at best and still not present in high enough concentrations to really make a difference.

What Does Chlorogenic Acid Do?

There’s a few main effects which together complete the reasons why a person would supplement with green coffee/CA:

Weight Loss: Carbohydrate Blocking and Appetite Suppression

weight lossCarbohydrate absorption may be lowered with the use of green coffee and though effective dosage seems to vary, it is case of supplementing what is already in your diet.

Most coffee drinkers get some, but there is also some CA in fruits like apples, pears, tomatoes and blueberries. There’s even some in potatoes.

A supplement will bolster this and bring it up to and above the 1000mg that appears to be the recommended dose.

As for appetite control, there is evidence to suggest that all forms of coffee exert a certain degree of appetite suppression whether it is a direct action or more subtle as in the case of Hydroxycitric Acid[link]; where the user simply feels more satisfied from food sooner than they would otherwise.

Blood Sugar Maintenance and Diabetes Resistance

CA may reduce carbohydrate uptake making it fall in to the category of carb-blockers, and therefore the overarching weight loss category (above). It can also reduce insulin and glucose spikes following meals, which is again advantageous to dieters but particularly as a preventative measure to diabetes.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Chlorogenic Acid seems to have a potent anti-hypertensive effect, ergo it may reduce blood pressure in people quite significantly.

What Are the Best Green Coffee Products?

There’s two ways to include Green Coffee and Chlorogenic Acid in your daily routine, surplus to your diet that is. There are supplements which are comprised only of Green Coffee/CA and there are those which include it in a combined formula.

We think either of them is a good option as the dedicated green coffee products pack a large amount whereas the formula combinations make up for a lower inclusion of that specific ingredient by adding several other fat-burners and weight loss compounds.

Our Recommendations

Based on our trials and reviews of many products, the top Green Coffee supplements are as follows:

1.Thermakor ThermaKOR – possibly the most impressive allrounder, and includes an excellent 300mg of Green Coffee.

The other ingredients in the blend include thermogenic fat-burners, energy boosters, appetite suppressants and more. You can even get a discount code if you read our review.

Click here to read the review of ThermaKOR

Instant Knockout slimming pills2. Instant Knockout is one of our favourite diet pills of all time. It’s used by some serious professional athletes and continues to be at the forefront of the market.

If you want really powerful appetite suppression plus fat-burning, this is the one.

Click to read the IKO review

Svetol pills3. Svetol Green Coffee. There’s not much to say about Svetol Green Coffee in summary other than it is what it says on the tin (actually, bottle), and is perfect for people who want a good dose of CA and no thermogenics or stimulants on top.

Click here for the Svetol review


Green Coffee bean and the Chlorogenic Acid inside it is not a miracle drug which will make you lose pounds of weight a day, but then, nothing can do that. Instead it may help you achieve the body you desire in numerous other ways, and can even boost your general health, lower blood pressure and help you stave off diabetes in addition.

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