LEAN Nutrition – Fat Metaboliser (not an Amazon) Review

  • Fat Metabolizer from Lean NutritionBrand: Fat Metaboliser by Lean Nutrition
  • What Is It: Fat Burner, Weight Loss Pill
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Burn fat, Increase Energy
  • Positives: Good ingredient choices
  • Negatives: Weaker than our usual fat burners
  • Countries Available: UK, France, Spain, Italy

no3“Need some changes, but otherwise okay”

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Fat Metaboliser is a fat burner supplement manufactured in the UK by Lean Nutrition.

Metabolism on chalkboardLean Nutrition make a number of sports supplements and have a clean yellow, silver and white minimalist website with an integrated store, which sells to European customers including those from Italy, France and Spain.

They also have a presence on Amazon where they sell their bottles of 60, 120 (2 bottles) and 180 (3 bottles) capsules. Boots and other 3rd parties sell it too.

The ingredients have some merit in terms of fat loss, but don’t stand out as cutting edge, not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

There is not much information about dosages prior to buying the supplement with the exception of caffeine. You have to buy the product to find out the rest (or read this review 😉

Caffeine comes to 212mg in total from 4 different sources.

Fat Metaboliser is not hugely special, but is affordable and doesn’t have too many outlandish claims.

However we recommend other products which we have more experience and confidence in. You can find a summary of those by following the link below.

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Fat Metaboliser Detailed Review

Woman Hydrating Lean Nutrition are a company based in the UK, and manufactures other supplements, including omega 3, BCAAs, whey protein, creatine and so on.

The general them of the company appears to be simple, clean, no frill sports nutrition.

Customers can purchase the products directly from the company website or by visiting Amazon. The UK tends to export a lot of supplements to European countries like France, Italy and Spain because there aren’t too many similar companies based in those countries.

Lean Nutrition make the following claims about Fat Metaboliser:

  • Supports Normal Fat Metabolism
  • Assists Breakdown of Carbs and Fat
  • Contains Natural Stimulants
  • Designed for Active people looking for extra Stimulation, Energy and Metabolic Support

Key Ingredients and Formula Strength

The following ingredients make up 2 capsules of the Fat Metaboliser formula:

90mg   – Choline Bitartrate
200mg – Green Tea
160mg – Caffeine
120mg – Guarana
100mg – L-Taurine
50mg   – Capsicum
50mg   – Kola Nut
16mg   – Nicotinamide
12mg   – Calcium Pantothenate
10mg   – Zinc Oxide
40mcg – Chromium Picolinate

Total Caffeine per 2 pills = 212mg

This formula has a few ingredients that should definitely make the list for any self respecting fat burner.

We’d like to see a bit more green tea and capsicum in there. Those are two good fat burning ingredients but they are included here at quite weak dosages.

You should NOT however take more than the 2 pills because then you would be taking too much caffeine.

Side Effects and Health Issues

Scientific studyCaffeine can have mild negative side effects, especially if you are sensitive to it or haven’t used it for a while, which is actually the best way to lose weight with it.

The other ingredients are not likely to cause any issues at these doses.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid supplements like this one, as should those people taking medication or who have a medical condition.

These pills should be the only source of caffeine you consume and if you are concerned then take only one pill per day until you can assess your tolerance level.

Is Fat Metaboliser Recommended?

pill questionThis product doesn’t make it to our list of Most Recommended Diet Pills and Fat Burners.

It’s not the worst we’ve ever seen either. At the price they are asking, if they tweaked the recipe, they would be on to something.

As it stands, we have tried many other products by similar brands and this one gets lost in the pile.

Fat burners and diet pills need to stand out these days in order to get us excited.

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