Performix SST – United Kingdom Availability

PerformixPerformix SST is a very popular fat burning product. It is available in both powder and pill form, usually in the higher price range on the shelves of American supplement stores. The formula inside the pills contains the following ingredients:

  • Caffeine
  • Ashwagandha
  • Bitter Orange
  • Synephrine HCL
  • Huperzine A
  • Yohimbine HCL
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • BioPerine

Carrier Oil

  • Medium Chain Triglycerides
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

These ingredients contain a combination of compounds to assist the fat burning process and improve mood and cognition. However, for customers in the UK, the addition of Yohimbine presents a problem as it won’t be easily accessible.

Performix SST in the United Kingdom

The formula of ingredients contains an inclusion which cannot be sold (in certain amounts) on the high street in the United Kingdom, and so if you live there, you would have to take your chances with an order from a supplier like Amazon who represent 3rd party US companies that might say they can ship the product to the UK.

The problem is that the order may get stopped by customs for the inclusion of Yohimbine at unknown quantities. That’s a shame because Performix SST really is an interesting supplement with innovative technology to further enhance weight loss results. But even if you did order it the cost would be high (something like £100 – £120 per one month supply).

Alternatives for UK Customers

There are a few potent inclusions in Performix SST but you can find in other products that ARE available to the UK market that have similar results. The main ingredient you will have to forego is Yohimbine and that might not be a bad thing anyway as it is associated with a few unwanted side effects e.g. anxiety, heart palpitations etc. (the dosages are unknown in Performix but if the product is taken according to the guidelines there is likely to be no considerable side effects – from the Yohimbine anyway).

Our Recommended Alternative to Performix SST

Phentaslim pillsWe have used Phentaslim extensively, and in our opinion it gives very similar weight loss results as Performix after a few weeks/months usage. Some inclusions are the same and others are different, however both possess the following major properties:

  • potent thermogenesis
  • enhanced cognitive function
  • increased energy and stamina
  • improved mood

You can purchase Phentaslim for a fraction of the price of Performix SST also. In fact at about £22 per bottle, it’s one of the best value fat burners we’ve ever reviewed, and used. It’s also available to be shipped virtually anywhere in the world. Follow the link below to read the full review.

Click to read the full review of Phentaslim

When might Performix SST get to the UK?

It’s a good question, because it’s a confusing subject. Yohimbine was on the same list as Ephedrine for a while in the UK, but now it appears small doses of Yohimbine are allowed as long as it doesn’t exceed a certain amount (which is 2.5 mg based on our findings). In more potent supplements, the Yohimbine weight can go up to 15 mg in the USA, which we’d avoid anyway considering the potential for side effects.

If you are hell bent on using Yohimbine then you can purchase it in this small amount 2.5 mg for as little as £7 for a month’s supply. Buying it stand-alone like this means that you can purchase a complete fat-burner on top.

As for when Performix SST becomes truly available to the UK masses, we are not sure. It might be that they simply don’t see a market there, or it might be that the inclusion of Yohimbine and possibly other ingredients are getting in the way because of the proprietary blend, and therefore unknown quantity.

Conclusion and Recommendations

A lot of people are looking for the popular fat-burning super thermogenic product – Performix SST in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately it appears to be very difficult to get your hands on, and would be very expensive even if you could.

The exact inclusion weights of the ingredients in Performix is unknown, which could be the reason for its lack of presence on the UK market.

If you are looking for a viable alternative in the meantime, we have found Phentaslim to work incredibly well on the same stubborn areas of fat that performix is notorious for.

We have a full review of Phentaslim for you to read if you follow the link below.

Click for full Phentaslim review 

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