Phentermine for Weight Loss

PhenterminePhentermine – full name, Phenyl-tertiary-butylamine (short name, Phen) is a weight loss pill, prescribed by doctors in many countries.

The drug’s principal mechanism is appetite suppression, and it does this by interacting with neurotransmitter levels – of noradrenaline and dopamine principally, and serotonin to a lesser degree.

It also has a thermogenic effect given its effect on these central nervous system neurotransmitters.

These two modes of action combined make Phen one of the more powerful weight loss drugs available for doctors to use. For a patient to be offered it, their health, and perhaps life, must be at serious risk due to their weight. In this case, phentermine will have its most dramatic effect because calorie restriction is one of the best ways to succeed in a short space of time.

Is Phentermine Legal?

Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressant, and one of the more favoured anti-obesity and weight loss medications to be prescribed by doctors. Its status as a controlled substance – that can only be obtained via prescription – means that it is difficult to get a hold of through legitimate channels for the purposes of losing some weight.

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Basically, if there is no immediate medical necessity/risk, you will not get ‘Phen’ from a doctor. Still, many people do manage to get access to the drug and use it to speed up their weight loss plan. In most countries, this is considered illegal, but there may be some leniency afforded to people who simply possess Phentermine for personal use.

Are there Other Issues with Purchasing Phentermine?

Legal issues are not the only reason sourcing ‘underground’ phen might be a bad idea. Others that immediately come to mind are: side effects and health issues and authenticity of the product.

The former pertains to the common negative effects brought on by phentermine usage. The latter refers to the fact that you never know what you are getting in the pills when you purchase on the black market. It could be genuine phentermine, but of course, it could be bogus…and dangerous.

Needless to say, buying phentermine from anywhere other than a pharmacy, with a prescription, is not recommended.

What are the Potential Side Effects of Phentermine?

DoctorAs with most synthesized medical drugs, phentermine can cause some unwanted side effects. These include: dry mouth, agitation, heartbeat irregularities, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, hypertension and quite a few more.

Not all of these will happen at the same time or to the same person but it is worth bearing in mind that Phentermine can be quite unpleasant if used incorrectly, or for an unnecessarily long period of time. What’s more, its use alongside intense physical activity might not be comfortable and could be dangerous.

That said, the human body’s reaction to any drug is an individual thing. While one person might feel like hell while taking it, another might not experience a thing. Of course, side effects are also highly dose dependent.

Is There and Alternative to Phentermine?

PhenQ fat burnerPhen is a powerful drug but it’s not the only thing out there which can provide real results for people looking to lose weight.

We’ve looked at several supplement options and found the best one most quite recently, in PhenQ.

It uses the revolutionary new patented formula – a-LACYS-RESET together with other proven ingredients. In the long run, we think it’s an even better option than Phentermine.

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