Proactol XS Fat Binder Review

  • A review of Proactol XSBrand: Proactol XS
  • What Is It: Fat Binder
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Prevent a portion of fat from being digested and suppresses appetite
  • Positives: Arguably the best of its kind
  • Negatives: Not the cheapest
  • Countries Available: Most countries including the UK and Ireland, United States, Canada and Australia
  • Stockists: Official website only

recommended diet pill“Fat binding is one of the most effective ways of preventing and getting rid of excess fat – Proactol XS is best in class

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Proactol XS Review

Fatty foods such as bacon and cheese are very high in calories so their consumption can quickly lead to obesity and other associated issues such as high blood pressure.

Bauer Nutrition’s latest product, a fat binder called Proactol XS, is designed to tackle this issue, allowing the user to eat the foods they love without the normal risks to the waistline or overall wellbeing. It must be stressed, however, that Bauer states the new product has been developed for people who have body mass index of 26 or higher.

Bauer refers to their product as a medical device, rather than a supplement, but how they categorize their product is only of passing interest, how it performs is not. Their “medical device” has been subjected to over 40 tests and has the proven ability to trap at least 800 times its weight in fat and when it was put up against several other leading fat binding products, Proactol XS proved to be 33% more efficient.

Primary Benefits

  • Reduce excess weight
  • Use as a weight management tool
  • Lower fat intake (from food)
  • Lowers cholesterol intake (from food)

Secondary Benefits

  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat burning (if the daily calorie intake drops to less than the body’s needs)

So, what is a Fat Binder Anyway?

Fat binders are made from ingredients the body is unable to digest. Since the body cannot digest them they simply travel through the digestive system, tour the intestines, and leave the body as stool. All this would be a little pointless if it was not for their other ability—their secret power, if you like. Fat binders also have the ability to absorb large quantities of fat, trap it, and then take it with them on their travels, preventing the body from absorbing it and having to deal with the consequences of calorie overload.

Okay, and Why is a Medical Device so Much Better than a Supplement?

Medical devices are not better than supplements. They’re just different. Is a spoon better than the cough medicine upon it? No, because they designed to operate in different ways. The medicine soothes the tickle in the throat and the spoon transports it from bottle to mouth. They both look very different, of course, so there is no mistaking their individual uses. In this case it is a little more complicated because Proactol XS is produced in capsule form and resembles a thousand or more other products that are correctly classed as supplements.

If a dieter takes a capsule designed to work as a fat burner, the ingredients used in the formulation will, once ingested, produce changes in the body that trigger improved fat burning. The ingredients will be directly responsible for the improved ability. They will have caused a change in the way the body functions. Medical devices make no such changes to the body and can be compared to the spoon that enters the mouth and then leaves. The only difference here is that the device leaves the body by an alternative route and scoops up a mass of fat on the way.

Put Like that it sounds a Bit complicated, is Proactol XS hard to Use?

No not at all. Just pop a couple of (500mg) capsules into your mouth half an hour before eating  a main meal, wash them down with a large glass of water, and you’re good to go. But only three doses should be taken each day so it’s best to choose the three main meals. The maximum usage period is 4 weeks, but this can be extended with a doctor’s approval.

Okay, got that, but what’s the Mystery ingredient that makes all of this Possible?

It’s called chitosan. Its natural fibers possess particularly high lipid-binding abilities, but do not interfere with any of the other nutrients found in food. Cholesterol is also a form of fat though, so it traps that as well.

And this comes from Where?

Chitosan can be sourced in several different ways, but is generally taken from the shells of shrimps, crabs, and lobsters. Chitosan sourced this manner can present several problems though. Some people are allergic to sea food and may have an unpleasant reaction to the ingredient. It is also hard to maintain consistent levels of quality because seasonal changes in the seawater may affect the shell-bearing donor, as may certain pollutants that may be present.

Proactol XS uses an alternative form of chitosan (biopolymer N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and D-glucosamine) that is harvested from a species of fungus. Strict controls can be applied to the growth environment, so the quality should remain consistent, and chitosan sourced in this way possesses more powerful fat binding abilities than alternative versions.

I Think I’ve got it, but can you run the Main Points Past me again? 

  • Proactol XS is fat binder in capsule form. The capsules are taken just before meals and, once consumed, they absorb most of the fat contained in the meal that follows them into the stomach.
  • The ingredient that makes all of this possible is called chitosan and Proactol XS contains a particularly potent form.
  • Once ingested the chitosan does not interfere with the way the body functions. Its presence would be as useless as a placebo if not for its fat binding ability.
  • As the chitosan makes its way through the body it takes all the captured fat with it and the two combined elements are eventually passed as stool.
  • Use of the product will also prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol and some degree of appetite suppression and/or fat burning are possible fringe benefits

Where To Buy Proactol XS

A review of Proactol XSThis product can be ordered directly from the official site.

Proactol is fully accredited and adheres to all international directives connected to dietary supplements. It is classed as Medical Device Type II but available to buy direct without a prescription.

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