She-Lean – Fat Burner for Women – Our Review

  • Shelean Bottle Brand: SHE-LEAN
  • What Is It: Fat Loss Supplement
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Suppress Appetite, burn fat
  • Positives: Label shows all ingredients and inclusion rates, and an ebook
  • Negatives: Weak inclusions, especially the Glucomannan/Konjac
  • Countries Available: UK, Australia, Canada, Europe

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She Lean eBookShe-Lean is a fat burner supplement made by the company Stronger Than The Boys Ltd. The product has a presence on Amazon in the UK and claims their product is:

“Uniquely designed…to safely and naturally shed fat while speeding up metabolism and obliterating fat cells.”

We won’t get into the scientific impossibility of obliterating fat cells with a supplement (they can be shrunk but not removed without surgery).

However, we will say that there is nothing female-specific about the ingredients in the formula, and the whole ‘unique for ladies’ is there main selling hook. In other words, that just looks like a gimmick.

Maybe it should be called She-Male (heh heh).

To add more salt, the ingredients are okay choices but some of the better ingredients are not included in large enough quantities – 100mg of konjac is useless.

That said, they do give out a free 130 page e-book called the “Ultimate Female Fat Loss Blueprint” which might help some users lose weight by following the recipes etc. that are in there.

SHE-LEAN – Getting Into Detail

She-Lean BottleThe company – Stronger Than The Boys Ltd. make a clear statement with their name: it’s all about the ladies.

They introduce She-Lean with some big claims to its benefits:

  1. Rapidly reduce zones of stubborn fat
  2. Scientifically engineered to prevent cravings for sugar
  3. Halt fat cell growth

They cap it off by telling you to “be prepared for rapid fat loss and dramatic results.”

If all of that came to be correct then it would be an extremely exciting product, like 99% of the other sixty gazillion fat burners out there.

The proof is in the pudd…ingredients (good one, right?).

So let’s have a look at those next…

Ingredients in She-Lean

The following ingredients are in the She-Lean formula:

  • Konjac Fibre – 100mg
  • Caffeine – 84mg
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 50mg
  • L-Tyrosine – 50mg
  • Raspberry Ketones – 50mg
  • Green Coffee Bean – 25mg (at 40:1 extract)
  • African Mango – 25mg (at 10:1 extract)
  • Capsicum – 12.5mg (at 8:1 extract)
  • Bladderwrack – 10mg (at 5:1 extract)
  • Chromium Picolinate – 0.54mg (for 68mcg chromium)

We like to see that the recipe is listed in full with the inclusion rates all detailed.

Key Points on Formula

pills ingredientsKonjac Fibre – aka Glucomannan is included at too small a dosage. It’s a powerful appetite suppressant but it has to be over 500mg. Some products are even going to 3000mg!

A great supplement for reference is Instant Knockout. It has 1800mg of glucomannan together with a very effective fat burning formula (you can read that review here).

Bladderwrack is another great ingredient that shows promise in nearly all aspects of health, weight management included. But again, the dosage here makes little sense. The minimum bioactive amount appears to be at 500mg with a range up to 4000mg.

She-Lean contains 10mg of bladderwrack at 5:1, giving a max equivalent of 50mg.

Customer Feedback

We’ve said it many times before, but we don’t take Amazon reviews as objective, bias free accounts. They might be, but we’ve all been burned by the 99% 5 star thing before and received a 1 star piece of shhh in the mail.

We can’t be sure but we’d have to question anyone who said this stuff was amazing for fat loss, simply because the recipe on the bottle makes that scientifically impossible.

Side Effects

There appear to be no side effects of any note if the product is take at recommended dosages. However, minor effects to do with caffeine can’t be ruled out if someone using it is particularly sensitive to it.

There are certain people who should not use this product – pregnant and breastfeeding women, elderly people, those under 18 years of age and anyone who has been advised against taking the ingredients in the formula.

People currently taking medication or who have a medical condition should check with their doctor as to whether a supplement like this is suitable for them.

Is She-Lean Recommended?

We can’t recommend She-Lean after putting it through the test.

TLeanBean female fat burnerhe selling point about it being uniquely formulated for women is misleading, and probably catches some people out.

The dosages are weak in the key ingredients, and there are several products we can recommend in its place.

A great alternative is LeanBean. It gets the Konjac Root (glucomannan) dosage spot on, and contains powerful inclusions of other fat burning ingredients.

Check our review of LeanBean; follow the link below …

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