Appetite Suppressants – simple ways to keep hunger at bay

suppress your appetiteThere are many systems dieters can use to slim down and fit into that old pair of jeans hanging in the closet—like a ghost of how things used to be—but in the end weight loss comes down to one simple fact:  when the diet provides less calories than the body needs it is forced to burn stored body fat to fuel its requirements.

There are of course any number of pills and potions that promise to trick the body into firing up its fat stores, and some of them even work, but in many ways appetite suppressants could be seen as the most natural way to go.

People who restrict their calorie intakes by eating less food can and do lose weight. It’s one of the simplest and most natural dieting techniques in the world—in theory. In practice food cravings and hunger pangs make dieting very hard work. It’s no wonder so many dieter fall by the wayside, give up fighting the good fight, and console themselves with a sticky bun. This is the reason why appetite suppression is such an important aid to weight loss.

What is an Appetite Suppressant?

Appetite suppressant pillsThe term ‘appetite suppressant’ could apply to any substance or technique that prevents dieters from feeling hunger pangs and being tempted to snack.

Many store-bought weight loss formulations often contain ingredients that have been chosen for their appetite suppressing qualities, and a number of good appetite suppressing tablets are also available, but popping pills and downing shakes are not the only way dieters can kick their craving into touch, ditch those sticky buns, and rescue their old jeans from the wardrobe.

Some Simple Ways to Suppress the Appetite

  • Drink Some Water:  Drinking one or more large glasses of water just before a meal can result in a feeling of fullness that will limit the appetite and ensure the eating of a smaller portion of food. Some people also down a glass or two of water between meals to lessen their hunger pangs. It’s an old trick, it works for many people, and it’s hard to think of anything that could contain fewer calories than a glass of water.
  • Breakfast with Caution:  Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day so it makes sense to get the day off to a good start and, for curbing the appetite until lunchtime, few things can compare to a simple bowl of oatmeal.  Rolled oats (but not ‘quick oats’) are low on the glycemic index so eating them doesn’t result in a (hunger inducing) blood sugar spike; but sweetening the pot with simple carbohydrates like sugar, syrup, or jam, is a definite no-no,  because they will cause a spike in the blood sugar level that will awaken those unwanted hunger cravings long before lunch.
  • Eat Your Greens:  Most fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of fiber and water that can help bulk out the stomach to provide a satisfying ‘full’ feeling.  Apples are known to be a particularly good natural appetite suppressant, so an apple a day could be useful for keeping more than the doctor away.
  • Drink Some Coffee:  The appetite suppressing qualities of caffeine are always under debate. Some people say it works, others say it does not. It’s probably truer to say that it does work, but only for some people.  A typical cup of instant coffee often contains 65 to 90mg of caffeine.
  • Drink Green Tea:  Green tea contains a compound called epigallocatechin gallate that stimulates the production of a hormone that reduces feeling of hunger.
  • Eat Slowly:  A rushed meal often ends up being a larger meal because the stomach is not allowed sufficient time to signal the brain that it is full. What’s the rush anyway? Food is always more enjoyable when you take the time to savour it.
  • Keep Busy:  Dieters with too much time on their hands have too much time to think about food, so it pays to keep busy. Many businesspeople with deadlines are often so busy they forget to eat.  Better an active mind than idle hands that are longing to stray to the cake tray.

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