Slim Bomb: UK and Ireland Review

  • slim bomb packagingBrand: Slim Bomb
  • What Is It: Thermogenic Fat-Burner and Appetite Suppressant
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Burn fat, suppress cravings  
  • Positives: The packaging is really cool
  • Negatives: Weak formula in our opinion
  • Countries Available: UK and Ireland mainly
  • Stockists: Slimming Solutions

no3“Call something a Bomb and it should deliver explosive results!!”

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Slim Bomb is a dietary weight loss supplement developed to be suitable for both men and women, although women are the main customers at 80% of the total sales. The main reseller – Slimming Solutions – claims the product is their best seller for the last 14 years!

Despite having that sales record behind it, Slim Bomb employs a fairly simple recipe to achieve its effects on the user. The marketing copy states that the average weight loss reported is between 8 and 12 lbs per month, assuming the product is a part of a steady diet and exercise plan.

The few ingredients that Slim Bomb does have must be fairly special to produce that kind of result. We’ll take a look at those in the section that follows.

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How Does Slim Bomb Work?

The product comes in the usual form of pill capsules which contain the ingredients. The primary mode of action that Slim Bomb uses is thermogenic. This is where the body’s core temperature is raised by ramping up the cellular mitochondria activity, therefore increasing the metabolism of fatty acids.

As well as the fat-burning effect, some users of the product claim it has appetite suppressant effects though strictly speaking it is simply sold as a weight management supplement.

Advertised Benefits of Slim Bomb

If used alongside a healthy calorie controlled diet and exercise schedule, the benefits should include:

  • Some additional fat-burning effect via Thermogenesis
  • Appetite suppressant effect helping the user to remove cravings


Slim Bomb has just 3 ingredients in the formula:

A serving of 2 capsules contains the following (bear in mind a full daily dose recommended by the company is 4 capsules):

  • Cha de Bugre (250mg): this is a tree native to Brazil and can be found in other parts of South America. It yields fruits that looks a bit like a red coffee bean. It can even be brewed as a coffee alternative. It has been incorporated in many weight loss supplements and has been dubbed the ‘Brazilian Diet Pill’ by many. Believed by some to have appetite suppressant qualities though that’s not necessarily backed by research at this point.
  • Green Tea Extract (200mg): thermogenic and antioxidant properties from the active catechins and polyphenols combine to give GTE its fat-reducing effects.
  • Caffeine (50mg): another thermogenic. Caffeine works better if you do not habitually drink coffee or consume other sources of caffiene because you can build a tolerance to it. Also 50mg is quite a low dose here; the effects may not be that pronounced. Read more on Caffeine here.

The main ingredient is Cha de Bugre, but unfortunately we could not find any supporting evidence for its use as an appetite suppressant. Perhaps it has this capability but anecdotal reports are going to be the only informational sources that support this.

Any Side Effects?

The caffeine and the green tea extract should be well tolerated at those inclusion weights. There are a few comments from people who have used Cha de Bugre that it may be the cause of some migraines. Others say it might induce a foggy feeling or that their eyes are sore. Of course, many do not experience any issues at all.

The advice remains the same when we are discussing any dietary supplement: pregnant and nursing women should avoid taking anything unless they have positively cleared it with their doctor. Equally, people with pre-existing medical conditions or those taking medication should follow the same steps.

If a supplement ever makes you feel a negative effect, or you suspect it is what is to blame for how you feel, then discontinue use.

Usage Instructions for Slim Bomb

Follow the usage guidelines and precautions that come on the label or packaging. At the time of writing this review, Slim Bomb recommend you take 2 capsules at about 10 am and 2 capsules at 3 pm.

You can begin with a half-dose a day if you feel the effects of the ingredients are too strong.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Appetite suppressant pillsWe review some of the top fat-burners and weight loss products that are available.

Slim Bomb appears to have some positive response from customers who have used it, but there are quite a few people who dislike the effects of Cha de Bugre enough that it won’t make our list of top recommendations.

There are several products we recommend above others, and you can read about those by following the link provided below.

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