Svetol Green Coffee by Evolution Slimming

  • Svetol Green CoffeeBrand: Svetol
  • What Is It: Green Coffee Extract with 50% Chlorogenic Acid 
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Burns Fat and Reduces Weight better than most other products
  • Positives: The Only proven brand of Green Coffee, powerful, virtually caffeine free
  • Negatives: We’ll get back to you if we find any
  • Countries Available: Most countries worldwide including the UK and Ireland, United States, Canada and Australia
  • Stockists: Official website only

recommended diet pillSvetol Green Coffee extract is the only green coffee you should use. And with 50% Chlorogenic Acid, it exceeds expectations.

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Svetol Green Coffee Review

green coffee beansSvetol is a completely natural plant extract from decaffeinated green coffee which is full of active constituents. A weight loss supplement derived from coffee but without the caffeine may sound a little strange, but there’s more to Svetol Green Coffee than meets the eye.

Weight loss aside for a moment there are extra things to note about this product. Chlorogenic Acids play a large anti-oxidant role in our bodies. It is present in many foods and coffee but it would be difficult to get an effective dose without consuming a large volume.

A 400g dose of Svetol equates to up to 6 cups of coffee (depending on strength) without the massive punch of caffeine because it is less than 2% caffeine.

Svetol also contains caffeine acid – another powerful anti-oxidant. However, don’t mistake this for caffeine because again, there is only about as much caffeine as a quarter cup of coffee in this supplement.

What Are The Benefits of Svetol Green Coffee?

There is swathes of information online regarding the weight loss potential with green coffee. This particular supplement, however, is the only one that has had the stamp of clinical approval. This means that for weight loss and anti-oxidant behaviour, Svetol is pretty much in a league of it’s own for the time being.

An average weight loss of 5kg (11lbs) over two months was observed during a recent placebo controlled study. That sort of weight is a very healthy amount to lose in such as space of time. We want to make sure the weight stays away.

In summary, the benefits of this supplement are:

  • Powerful, Sustainable and Quality weight loss
  • Anti-Oxidant health impact
  • Virtually Stimulant free

When using Svetol Green Coffee as part of an active lifestyle, these benefits will only get more and more pronounced.

It’s recommended that green coffee supplements have at least 45% Chlorogenic Acids to be effective. Svetol contains even more at 50%. It’s also fine for vegetarians and vegans to use.

How to take Svetol Green Coffee

It’s simple to use: just take one pill half an hour before breakfast and one pill half an hour before lunch, each with a large glass of water. A bottle of 60 caps will last one month.

Svetol Green Coffee Customer Feedback

The company that makes Svetol – Evolution Slimming is one we are used to and certainly one we purchase from regularly. They publish all comments from customers, good or bad, so you can see an honest spread of feedback.

With Svetol, the feedback is generally very positive, and many take the time to review it giving it 4 to 5 stars in most cases.

The odd person complains a bit because they didn’t lose as much weight as they wanted to. For example, one customer was unhappy that they only lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks. That equates to 12 lbs in 2 months which is even a bit more than the human study revealed.

People that want to drop 40 lbs a month should get real. Even if weight loss like that were possible, it would not be safe or sustainable. The body would react in many ways, one of which is possibly to shut down completely. Another would be to immediately pile the weight back on after stopping the diet.

Side Effects

Svetol Green Coffee is a completely natural plant extract with virtually no stimulants. There should be no side effects.

Where to Buy Svetol Green Coffee Bean 50% CGA

This product is exclusively available at Evolution Slimming (link below). This is a very reputable company with years of experience in the weight loss game. They have people waiting to help on the phone, online chat and nearly every other way possible.

Customers like this company and definitely repeat order with them. They give great offers on multiple purchases and they don’t set prices high even though they ave exclusive rights to products like this one.

They also deliver to almost anywhere on the planet including the UK (where they are based), the US, Australia and mainland Europe.

Is It Recommended?

Svetol special offersThis one is easy, it’s a Yes. We didn’t have to struggle with balancing out negatives and positives. This product is easily one of the most exciting of its kind for the weight loss industry.

With a healthy diet and some exercise, Svetol will greatly improve your weight loss progress.

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