ThermaKOR Review – Fat Burner for Men and Women

  • Thermakor Brand: ThermaKOR
  • What Is It: Thermogenic fat burner 
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Burn fat, retain muscle, increase energy, improve focus
  • Positives: Very good ingredients and potent inclusion rates 
  • Negatives: Could be a little higher in Garcinia Cambogia
  • Countries Available: Worldwide inc. UK and Ireland, US, Europe, Canada and Australia
  • Stockists: Official website only (see below)

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Thermakor We often review fat-burners and weight loss supplements on this site, but occasionally it doesn’t hurt to step outside the box to introduce some new ideas. Most of the time, we are concerned about dieting and weight loss, and for most people who want to look and feel good, that is only half of the objective.

While anabolic products also serve to help you put on lean muscle and reduce body fat – you might occasionally find a fat-burner or weight loss aid that can help you preserve muscle, which helps keep your physique toned and looking good.

One product which we have been road testing recently is ThermaKOR. And the thing that caught our attention about it is that it’s a fat-burner which can supposedly help retain muscle mass while helping to shed the fat.

One of the biggest problems of a cut cycle after a good bulk phase is when you lose some of the muscle mass. And, if you want to do it all completely clean (i.e. no illicit substances), then you have to choose powerful supplements that can deliver the goods.

So we tried ThermaKOR.

ThermaKOR – Quick Overview

The recipe in ThermaKOR is especially good compared to most fat-burners we’ve looked at. The price is really competitive and the product can be shipped to most countries.

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What Is Thermakor?

There’s no doubt that this product is a thermogenic fat burner at the core – the name sort of gives that away. When we delved into the recipe further, there is definitely more to it than that.

The recipe contains a number of multi-tasking ingredients, all inside a liquid mixture. That might give ThermaKOR an edge above most competing fat-burners because the liquid gets absorbed much more quickly into the user’s system than solid ingredients, which in turn means it gets to work quicker. It can also mean that more of the blend is utilized in total i.e. more efficient.

ThermaKOR Ingredients

The Thermakor recipe contains the following ingredients:

  • Synephrine (50 mg)
  • Hordenine (25 mg)
  • Forslean (50 mg)
  • Garcinia Cambogia (100 mg)
  • Salicin (125 mg)
  • Green Tea (300 mg)
  • Green Coffee (300 mg)
  • Rasberi-K (200 mg)
  • Caffeine (150 mg)

ThermakorRight away we could tell the recipe is a strong one. Its potential was even more evident after using it for a few days. Some of the ingredients are very potent thermogenic compounds; synephrine, hordenine, green tea, caffeine and Forslean especially.

Forslean not only increases Cyclic AMP and therefore fat burning but may also increase anabolic hormone activity – namely Testosterone. This is the main muscle-preservation/growth aspect of the supplement.

The other ingredients – Garcinia and Green Coffee provide powerful appetite suppression and carbohydrate blocking, while Salicin synergistically improves the effects of the thermogenic compounds.

What about the ingredient dosages? – We rant on about dosage, probably more than anything else. Good ingredients are fairly pointless unless they are included in effective amounts. ThermaKOR has excellent dosages in our opinion. There could be a little more Garcinia but otherwise it is very good.

Usage Guidelines

Always follow the instructions on the product packaging. To ensure the ingredients of ThermaKOR are well tolerated, the initial doses should be one capsule. From there on, assess how you feel but do not exceed the maximum dose on the label.

Side Effects

Any fat-burner with stimulants can cause mild side effects, particularly at the start of the cycle, when the caffeine may cause a bit of jitteriness for people who are sensitive to it. Again, assess tolerance by following the instructions on the packaging and increasing dosage gradually.

Is ThermaKOR Recommended?

You will see many fat-burner reviews on this website but ThermaKOR is one of the ones we are happy to recommend. It’s suitable for men and women and we think it’s good for just about anyone with any weight loss goal.

The product is certainly one of the best we have found in its category and we use it as our go-to cutting supplement. It’s possibly the closest thing we’ve found to prescription-strength weight loss medication in our opinion.

Purchasing and Shipping

ThermakorThermaKOR is available in bottles of 60 capsules and can be shipped to many worldwide destinations including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and European countries.

Special offers are available on purchases of more than one bottle. We also have managed to get an individual code for an Additional 10% Discount on any purchase.

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