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Rather than concentrate on a specific mode of action like fat burning or carb blocking, here we have collected the supplements we have rated the best for simply accomplishing what they set out to do, which is to help you lose weight, or more importantly, fat.

The products below are each a good example of a slimming product, and each one is designed to exert its effects in different ways.

Read about each and decide which one sounds the most suited to your needs. Below the summaries, we have provided links to click on which will lead you to either our full review, or the product site itself where you can learn more about it and the company that produces it.

Often, the company that manufactures the weight loss supplement is the deciding factor in which one to choose. Every company has their own methods to support the customer. Sometimes that support is in the form of a diet plan or an informational video. Whatever it is, often the companies we choose have more to offer than just a product.

Superfruit Slim – Super Strong and Natural

Superfruit Slim new bottleTake the best, most proven fat-burning, anti-oxidant packed fruits and create a blend of them with concentrated extracts, stuff it in a pill, and you have Superfruit Slim.

The thing that makes Superfruit Slim stand out is the concentration of each of the ingredients. They’ve basically condensed each one so they can include a 4:1 ratio compared to average strengths in other products. Their equivalent inclusion rates are therefore appropriately strong.

Superfruit Slim also has something in common with Phentaslim in that they are very good value for the potency of the product. Some people tell us that they actually cycle 3 or 4 months of Superfruit Slim with Phentaslim to make a 6 to 8 month total cycle.

The links below will take you to our full review of Superfruit Slim or the product page itself.

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Phentaslim – Strong Fat Burner

Phentaslim pillsIf there were only two factors we could look at before recommending a slimming product or advising against it, it would be the type of ingredients and the inclusion rates of them.

It sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the factors customers will consider when buying a supplement.

Phentaslim succeeds on both points. What’s even better is it scores big time on the price point as well. If you take advantage of the special offers, you can get Phentaslim for about £25 ($40) per month.

This is good news because for some reason price often comes before efficacy in many customers’ checklist.

Behind a cracking formula and a great price point is a really helpful company. You can follow either of the links below to read our full Phentaslim review or go straight to the product site.

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Phen375 – Fat Burner and Appetite Suppressant

Phentermine alternativeDue to its versatility, we can put Phen375 in virtually any category of weight loss supplement. We’ve known everyone from busy single mother’s to bodybuilders in a cutting cycle to use it.

It’s been around for a while but it hasn’t shown any signs of losing to the new products coming out. That’s mostly due to its reputation for actually providing results. Many of the new fat burners rely heavily on baffling customers with complicated pseudo-science and colourful marketing, while making weak recipes.

Phen375’s recipe is based on real evidence both from the scientific studies undertaken and feedback from experts using it. That’s why it powers through several biological modes of fat reduction so effectively. And that’s the reason Phen375 is still arguably the best in the business.

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Active8 X Diet Drops – All Round Weight Loss Elixir

Active8 X diet drops with activ X diet planThere aren’t many products out there that try to do as much as Activ8 X does. It’s easier and less expensive to just corner one or two ways of helping you lose unwanted weight.

Either a multiple-ingredient product or a single substance can achieve the objective admirably, provided the benefit outweighs the cost, of course.

Whilst some will find Activ8 X Diet Drops to fall slightly on the expensive side, more people will say it is definitely worth it. The product fights the fight with fat on several levels: direct fat burning, appetite suppression, carbohydrate blocking, metabolism boosting and energy increasing.

Of course, for a product to achieve so many things, it needs to be packed with ingredients. Active8 X does not disappoint. With no less than 10 of the best ingredients available, these diet drops get to work much quicker than any pill could by simply administering it – using the provided pipette – beneath the tongue.

You can follow the links below to find out more. Enjoy the results of Activ8 X Diet Drops.

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DetoxPlus – Colon-Cleanse Your Way to Slim

DetoxPlus Colon CleanserThere is a world of benefits waiting for you when you make the decision to detox, or cleanse. The physical purging of bad toxins and old waste material from you colon alone can install within you a new lease of life.

Indeed, this feeling of vitality will lead to bigger and brighter things than just squeaky clean insides. We’re not saying you’re are going to miraculously shed pounds merely by taking DetoxPlus but if you are looking for the kickstart you need, then what better than the natural energy boost of a cleanse to set you in the right direction.

The undigested red meat and fat that lies in the twists and turns of our colons can slow us down and cause our gut flora to crave the same toxic junk food that can get us into trouble in the first place.

With a could detoxing cleanse, we can begin again to populate our gut’s bacterial population with healthier foods which will in turn help us to crave the good stuff. This alone is a giant leap towards both a healthier constitution and a sustainable weight loss regime.

Do not underestimate the power of DetoxPlus. Evolution Slimming, who makes it, also happen to be one of our favourite health and weight management supplement companies. They provide excellent customer care, guarantees and prices.

For under £20 per month, you can get one of the best cleansing, detoxing and weight managing products available.

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Proactol XS – Bind The Fat and Dispose Of It

A review of Proactol XSIf you’ve already let your weight get a bit out of control, that is to say you have a body mass index of 26 or higher (that’s overweight on the way to obese) then a good fat binder like Proactol XS may be just what you need to start setting things in the right direction.

A fat binder works by absorbing the fat that enters your system from your diet and assisting its passage from your body as waste. The ingredients cannot be digested, which means they do their job without interference from your own inner workings.

Proactol XS is therefore considered a medical device, rather than a supplement or any other such designation, because it cannot be absorbed by the body and causes no reactions that produce a response from the body.

As for side effects or anything like that, Chitosan – the medical device ingredient – is completely safe. The only thing you will notice is more stool production. That just shows it’s working.

If you’re wondering where cholesterol stands in all this, it is also trapped by Proactol XS and will be discarded in the same way as the rest of the fat. Follow the links below to begin your weight loss journey with Proactol XS.

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