Different Ways To Eat Slimmer – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, I discussed some of the simpler ways you can keep the unhealthy weight gain at bay. I covered four tips in Part 1, which you can access by clicking here. In brief they were:

Tip #1: Eat Slower and Chew your Food 

Tip #2: Eat Smaller and More Often

Tip #3: Use a Glycemic Index Table to Your Advantage

Tip #4: Eat as much Coloured Veg and Fruit as you want

…Now I’ll move on to the next group of tips.

Tip #5: Stay Hydrated All Day Long

Proper HydrationDrinking water is completely free. Staying properly hydrated is beneficial to every system within your body. In the context of weight gain and fat loss, hydration is especially useful. I could write entire books about why this is so important and why you should do it.

I’ve heard all the arguments…”but, I have to pee all the time”…or…”I heard drinking too much water can poison you”…or…”water doesn’t taste like much, I like something tasty to quench my thirst.”

All of the arguments are accurate to a degree. Take the examples above, staying properly hydrated will no doubt make you pee a little more often. When your pee is clear, that is a sign you are getting things right.

Yes, drinking too much water can be dangerous. I will be the first to tell you there is a limit here – as with everything – that is optimal. If you work out regularly or sweat a lot then you might be in the 3 litre a day category. Regular everyday activity needs about 2 litres of water a day.

There is no set amount so just pay attention to how you feel. Letting yourself get really thirsty is bad for you. Drinking glass after glass of water is bad for you.

I have a sports bottle full of water all the time and I sip from it all day long. I generally consume about 2-3 litres of water over a day. First thing in the morning is a good time to have 300-500ml in one hit.

As for taste, well, occasionally (I’m talking one of my bottles a day) I add a few drops of real lemon juice to my water. It adds another dimension to it and there are so many health benefits to lemon juice, including the reduction of muscle soreness after training. Lemon juice is also a source of electrolytes. When you have sweated a lot, you have also lost electrolytes which are critical to muscle contractions and a myriad other things. Replacing them is beneficial to optimal performance.

Keep hydrated for two weeks and tell me you don’t feel better, I dare ya!

Tip #6: Power Your Food with Superfoods

superfood healthSuperfoods is a silly word, but it’s effective. There are several herbs, spices, fruits and other food types that are so advantageous to your health that they have been dubbed “Superfoods”.

A few of these hero foods have been shown to help in weight management alongside all their other benefits.

I remember reading a study about blood sugar levels where subjects were fed apple pie. The scientists expected the sweet dessert to spike blood sugar levels but instead were amazed as they watched them normalize.

What they hadn’t thought about was the little sprinkling of cinnamon that had been added to the apple pie. And there they discovered it; one of Cinnamon’s 20 or so benefits includes blood sugar regulation. And if we know anything about blood sugar and insulin and so forth, we know it is excellent at helping you keep your fat storage to a minimum.

Go and look up the benefits of Cinnamon for the others – it’s quite extensive. Be warned though, too much cinnamon in your diet can be toxic. Be careful and keep it at a sprinkle in your porridge until you know more.

While you’re looking in to it, I might write about some more of these superfoods, but do carry on in the meantime. Most of them are also powerful anti-oxidants which can lead to better general health, and that includes weight management as well.

Tip #7: Eat a Bigger Breakfast

Out of all of the meals of the day, breakfast is the most important. You have heard this a billion times, I am quite sure. So tell me, why do so many people skip breakfast or cheap out on it. People with stressful jobs and hectic lives all over the planet will skip a breakfast to get ahead or because they think it’s going to help them lose weight.

Having breakfast will HELP you lose weight. And, it’s the one meal you can afford to take on a few more calories.

A healthy breakfast, that is. It starts your metabolism (which also starts your fat burning), it provides nutrients you’ve missed while sleeping, it helps your concentration and it keeps your energy levels up and blood sugar level so you can get on with your day without getting hunger pangs or crashing.

Tip #8: Add a Supplement to Your Diet

Phentaslim weight loss pillNo-one’s going to punish you for getting a little extra push from a capsule or drink designed to help with your metabolism, fat burning or energy levels.

A multi-vitamin is a good base, if you think you might be lacking in some areas of your nutrition. It’s especially good for active people with busy jobs and families. Who knows how to juggle life perfectly all the time? No-one I’ve ever met, that’s for sure.

As for fat-burning and weight management; there are some great supplements out there. There’s also some bad ones. We try and help on this website by providing real reviews. Honestly though, some of them can burn an extra couple hundred calories a day. That can be the effect you need just to get rid of some extra pounds over time.

Click here to take a look at some of the best fat burners available.

That’s it for Part 2

With Part 1 and Part 2, hopefully you can see that there are a few things you can be conscious about and act on throughout your daily eating habits. It will really help you in so many ways, even if your primary focus is to shed those unwanted pounds. It’s the simple things you can do to achieve that weight loss and much much more.

Good luck.


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