Women’s Best Slim Caps – Review UK

  • Women's Best Slim Caps BottleBrand: SLIM CAPS – by Women’s Best
  • What Is It: Fat Loss Supplement
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Suppress Appetite
  • Positives: Glucomannan – the only ingredient – works
  • Negatives: It contains one ingredient. Competition contains the same one and more
  • Countries Available: UK, Australia, Canada, Europe

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Women's Best Slim CapsSlim Caps are made by Women’s Best, a company based in Europe that manufactures several female specific supplements designed to help women lose weight, get stronger or maintain well-being.

The way Slim Caps work is extremely simple. They have one ingredient which is a natural fibre / fiber called Glucomannan that comes from the root of a Konjac plant.

When the user drinks a large glass of water with the pill, the Glucomannan absorbs much of the water in the stomach, creating a soft mass. This soft mass of watery fibre can reduce hunger cravings because it tricks the brain into thinking it is full of food.

When taken before meals, it has been shown to cause weight loss over a longer term. This is the most physical form of appetite suppression.

And it works, to a degree, but you have to make sure you drink at least 250ml (8 oz) of water with each pill.

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Slim Caps in more Detail

There isn’t much more to say about Slim Caps from Women’s Best. They are as simple as a supplement can get.

The Glucomannan mainly acts as an appetite suppressor of course but there is some research suggesting that it can help regulate or reduce blood sugar levels.

More research is probably needed but it makes sense given that we already know fibres can lock in sugars and prevent them from getting into the bloodstream.

Key Ingredients

Per 4 capsules of Women’s Best Slim Caps, there is:

  • 3002mg – Glucomannan

This is quite a lot of the extract and possibly the highest quantity we have seen in a supplement for a daily total.

NOTE: the company recommends that you take 2 capsules thirty minutes before lunch, and then repeat the process before dinner. Make sure you drink at least one large glass of water EACH TIME.

Side Effects and Health Issues

There should be no problem with Glucomannan. However, we always advise that pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, elderly people and anyone who has a pre-existing medical condition does not take it.

Check with your doctor if you are unsure.

Again, we repeat that you must drink a large glass of water with each serving of Slim Caps.

Is Women’s Best Slim Caps Recommended?

It will do one job, which is to reduce your hunger level and help you eat less food at meal times.

As we’ve already mentioned, that’s fine, but there are products which can do this and so much more!

LeanBean female fat burnerAlthough it has a large amount of Glucomannan in it, one of its competitors manages to put an effective quantity of the fiber and also put a whole formula of other effective fat burners, energy boosters, mood enhancers and carb blockers in the same pills.

That product is called LeanBean, a female only diet pill that includes ingredients that can help women address hormonal imbalance – a major cause of weight gain in women

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