Xenadrine CORE – Positives, Negatives and Feedback


  • Xenadrine Core thermogenic fat burnerBrand: Xenadrine CORE
  • What Is It: Thermogenic Fat-Burner
  • What Does It Claim To Do: Burn fat with electrifying sensation 
  • Positives: The packaging is really cool
  • Negatives: Under-dosed formula 
  • Countries Available: USA and Worldwide
  • Stockists: GNC, BodyBuilding online, Walmart

no3“Good idea but the execution results in a weak recipe in our opinion”

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Xenadrine CORE Review

Xenadrine core website

This product is being promoted as a fat burner with a sensory experience. The Xenadrine website has variations on the wording of the sensory effect, including ‘intense thermo sensation’…’electrifying thermogenic sensation’, and so on.

Xenadrine also tout their ‘cutting edge, rapid release blue chrome pill.’ Basically the packaging looks like the pill, and is indeed blue and shiny. Xenadrine scores full marks on looking cool.

In A Nutshell

Xenadrine Core doesn’t stand up too well when you compare it to other products in the same category. Fat burners need to pack a punch and in our opinion Core just hasn’t got it. The recipe is really under-dosed and the advertised sensory experience might be more of a sales gimmick than anything else.

That said, it is such a new product, there is no customer feedback to defend it or not.We’re constantly on the lookout for effective fat-burning and general dieting products and we have several recommendations. Follow the link below to see them or carry on reading.

The Editor

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CORE is definitely marketed as a thermogenic supplement. In basic terms, thermogenesis is a process which raises the core temperature of the person using the supplement. The body instinctively wants to cool down, and as such, fat is burned as fuel to generate that effect.

The company strongly promotes the fact that green coffee extract – which is in the formula for Core – has 2 clinical studies to back it up. They also claim that most thermogenic fat burners don’t have any clinical studies to support their claims. We find this difficult to believe as Caffeine is in virtually all thermogenic fat-burner products and it has more clinical trials proving its efficacy than we care to count.

There’s more confusion where that came from on the Xenadrine website but we won’t be anal about it. Let’s have a look at what it does.

What Does Xenadrine Core do?

xanadrine core blue chrome pillThermogenic fat burners are primarily aimed at reducing fat levels, unsurprisingly.

These days in the supplement industry, it appears fat-burning alone is not good enough; there needs to be something extra on offer.

In CORE’s case, that something extra is a sensory experience.

This aspect of the product isn’t fully quantified on the website except to say that it’s an energizing, electrifying, invigorating experience that will deliver hardcore results.

Simply put, we think Xenadrine Core’s main focuses are:

  • thermogenic fat burning
  • energizing stimulation

It’s not a far stretch from many other fat-burner goals. That’s okay, though, that’s what we want out of it. Will it deliver though, let’s have a crack at the recipe.

Key Ingredients

hydrox slim resultsOne serving of Xenadrine CORE comes in a 600mg dose of the blend. Considering 200mg of that is green coffee extract and 150mg of caffeine, that doesn’t leave much left for the other ingredients. It’s a proprietary blend, so in order of decreasing amounts:

Green Coffee Bean (200mg): this is the first of two known doses in the blend. Green coffee extract is a regular player in the fat-burning industry. Rich in chlorogenic acid, some studies suggest it has fat burning properties. 200mg is fine twice daily.

Caffeine (150mg): the second known dose, caffeine should be in every fat-burner. 150mg is a medium strength dose if taken twice a day.

White Kidney Bean Extract: the first of the unknowns, but it must be the next largest after caffeine (in proprietary blends, the order has to be in order of size).

White kidney bean extract is a carb blocker and prevents some starches from being digested. It can help prevent obesity. At dosages of over 500mg it is noted to be effective. This inclusion could not be over 149mg x 2.

Mangosteen Fruit Powder: Purple Mangosteen is meant to be a beautiful tasting fruit. As a fat burner, we cannot find information from any of our reliable sources that back it up. That’s not to say it doesn’t have beneficial effects on health though.

Sacred Lotus Seed Extract: Nelumbo Nucifera seems to have anti-depressant and sedative behaviour. There is evidence to suggest it may help prevent obesity, though not necessarily via fat-burning. It’s too early in it’s life as a supplement to have a recommended dose.

Perilla Leaf Extract: aka rosmarinic acid, not much is detailed yet except that it may have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory behaviour. Recommended dose – 200 to 300mg. Not even close here.

Gotu Kola whole herb extract: has positive effects on cognition, cardio-vascular health, wound healing and anxiety. We didn’t find much on fat-burning but this must be part of the ‘sensory experience’ of Core. One thing though: experts talk in the 1000s of milligrams in terms of optimal dosage.

Caraway Seed Extract: this is a fennel like seed which may provide support to the thyroid. Recommended dosages are unknown.

Usage Instructions

Xenadrine recommend that for the first 2 days, one capsule should be taken daily. This will be for the people sensitive to caffeine to make sure you ease into it.

After those initial 2 days, 1 cap can be taken twice a day 30-60 minutes before breakfast and lunch with a glass of water.

Customer Feedback

We couldn’t find any comments on Xenadrine CORE yet but it is really quite new so a large review base can’t be expected yet. Therefore, lack of feedback cannot be viewed as a negative thing at this point.

Side Effects & Health Considerations

Scientific studyThere should be no serious side effects from taking this product. People sensitive to stimulants should be prepared for the caffeine kick but the 2 first days at the low dose should help there.

Otherwise, the usual cautions apply: pregnant and nursing mothers, and people with medical conditions or other medication should consult a doctor before taking any supplements.

Purchasing Options

Xenadrine Core will be available at several high street and online vendors. GNC, BodyBuilding and even Walmart will have it in stock.


There does not seem to be a money back guarantee in place.

Is It Recommended?

pill questionWe’re hesitant to recommend anything with a recipe that strays from the solid fat-burning ingredients we know work.

The components of Xenadrine’s Core have interesting potential for several health benefits, but not notably related to fat-burning. Sure, caffeine works but the rest are included at really small dosages.

As there are ‘technically’ no recommended doses of nearly all the ingredients, Xenadrine can ‘technically’ include any amount and say it does what it does.

Diving into the studies of the ingredients tells us they have under-dosed Core. Exotic sounding ingredients and shiny blue packaging would not lure us into buying this.

Xenadrine Core is NOT one of our recommended products.

Suggested Alternatives

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We do not recommend products lightly. If you want something that works, we think you will find it here.

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