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Raspberry Ketone Plus by Evolution Slimming

Brand: Raspberry Ketone Plus by Evolution Slimming What Is It: Weight loss, fat-burning, anti-oxidant formula What Does It Claim To Do: Helps you shed fat and stay healthy and energetic Positives: Great, all natural formula Negatives: It’s a shame you can’t taste all the fruits Countries Available: Majority of countries including the UK and Ireland, [Click Here To Read Full Article]

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The Real Fat-Burning Zone

A little muscle goes a long way… There is a common misconception, especially among women who want to improve their body image, that losing fat comes about via a mixture of aerobic exercise and diet. This misguided belief system is why many people’s body composition goals will at best become [Click Here To Read Full Article]

Caffeine and brain function
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Why is Caffeine in Every Supplement?

Caffeine If you have looked into fat-burners and diet pills then you’ll realize Caffeine is quite pervasive across the industry, in that it is in included in virtually every fat loss supplement out there. While a lot of nay-sayers will criticize caffeine’s inclusion in so many products, it’s difficult to [Click Here To Read Full Article]